Monday, December 26, 2011


Turning Carbon to Gold

Sequestered Carbon

Amending and Fertilization

© 2010 by Adrian Vance

This is a story of invention from concept through the patenting process. The subject is a set of systems designed to deal with carbon and carbon dioxide as they are under political control that we feel could destroy the world economy.  This is bad science predicated on the false concept CO2 rules the atmosphere when it is only a trace gas, by definition insignificant, and a poor absorber of heat energy, IR, from sunlight.  CO2 is a vapor tiger.

Water vapor is a better absorber of IR by a factor of seven and typically has 80 times as many molecules in air thus generating 99.8% of all atmospheric heat.  CO2 does no more than 0.2% of all atmospheric heating.  But…

The control and taxing of carbon and carbon dioxide would give the elected ruling class more money and power than anything since the signing of the Magna Carta of 1215 AD.  For that reason and that a large segment of the people of America now want more government thinking they will get much more “free” stuff by “taxing the rich” to redistribute the wealth.  They do not realize it never has worked as destroying initiative means everyone has less. No better example of the failure of socialism can be seen than on our Indian reservations.  They survive only with other people’s money.  Without that they would starve until they learned that America is the most welcoming country for ideas, initiative and energy.

We do not use the politically correct term “native American” as anyone born here is a “native American.”  "Indian" is a misnomer and there are problems with "indigenous" or "aboriginal."  English does not have a word for people who walked here from Asia and Europe.  Groups from both continents arrived during the last ice age when it was possible to walk or follow the shores hunting and gathering along the way.  We need a new term like Nomadians or Wanderians.

We also need new science with regard to plant life as the concepts we have long learned are simply not true.  Particularly, the function of plant stomata and the role of water have been misunderstood and now are a critical issue as we are running out of fresh water.  Farms uses 70% of all water and 96% of that is wasted.  We can save it.

The concepts here outlined could reduce water use 50% in the first design application as we have shown in tests.  We have the data.

We expect these ideas and systems to be met with resistance as old science never likes admitting what it has overlooked or fumbled.   International socialism has seen "global warming" as a way to bring America down, but these processes will use the carbon and carbon dioxide to expand the American economy with sequestered CO2 by a factor of three to five.  This will drive international socialists nuts as they only succeed in an environment of misery.

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